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On artificial intelligence and those that are Poland Phone Number animated characters. These can earn billions of dollars for a publication without even having a pulse. Interested in knowing what these virtual influencers could earn in 2022 . OnBuy Tablets has used the Influencer Marketing Hub Sponsored Posts Calculator to predict an estimate of their annual earnings.

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That has been the beginning of a year in which she could end up earning around 15,442,994 euros. Per sponsored post, you can generate an estimated income of 15,505 euros. 2. Lil Miquel Lil Miquela is a computer-animated model and singer who went on to collaborate with Bella Hadid for Calvin Klein and released her latest release, “Hard Feelings,” in 2020. It ranks second, with forecast Poland Phone Number revenue of €883,018 for 2022 and estimated earnings for each sponsored post of €7,358.

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. Noonoouri Rounding out the top five is equality activist Noonoouri , with 390,000 followers. This vegan model is a strong advocate for sustainable fashion and supports the boycott of animal fur. She has collaborated with fashion brands like Prada. Earns around €1,383 per sponsored post. Which could see her earn up to €348,564 in 2022.

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