It Is Probably Better For The Conversion

Most people aren’t ready to schedule a call or demo after seeing just one ad. As a result, many advertisements are needed to arrive at a lead. Why most users don’t take action after one ad As tempting as it may be to try and get a deal through one ad, it’s unlikely to work. While conversions are the ultimate goal, few people will take action the first time they see your ad. Conversions usually don’t happen until someone has seen your company and offer more than once. People on LinkedIn aren’t actively looking to buy. They are there to network, consume valuable content and connect with interesting people. Your ads are an interruption of that experience. That’s why you need a scroll-stopping ad that grabs the full attention of your target audience.

Probably Better For The Conversion

But even then if you manage to get attention don’t expect them to convert to an appointment right away. After all, they don’t know your company yet, because this is the first meeting. It takes a while for them to trust your brand or make time for a conversation. A perfect LinkedIn Ads funnel Building a perfect LinkedIn Ads funnel starts with Malaysia B2B List mapping the order of your LinkedIn campaigns, spread over the customer journey. That process involves attracting and warming up a cold target group to converting it into warm, interested leads and ultimately loyal customers. The process of building a funnel includes: Choosing the Right LinkedIn Campaign Objectives Targeting the right audience. If all goes well, you have a concrete idea which target group you want to reach Using the right ad types that show at the right time. In this article I share some useful tips for that.


Better For The Conversion

Awareness consideration conversion Phase 1: the top of the funnel – turning unknowns into prospects At the top of the funnel, the ads need to attract a new audience. Unless the brand is already well known, such as Nike, IKEA or Coca-Cola, new audiences are complete strangers to your company. That is why we call them ‘cold target group’. They don’t know you, don’t trust you and aren’t interested in your solution yet. The best content for the awareness phase is video. Why? Because it allows you to present your company and solution in a visual way. In addition, you can perfectly make your branding come back, so that your target group will recognize your company more and more. Moreover, video content via LinkedIn is very affordable to distribute. You can choose to only pay if someone watches your video for more than 3 seconds. This means you only pay €0.05 per view, instead of 4 per click.

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