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Get technical when you need to When necessary, get technical to gain confidence. It can be very helpful to apply this strategy if you have a product that is complicated. The expertise of the brand can be demonstrated by giving as much detail as possible. The information requirement is higher for these types of products. The advantage of giving a lot of detail is that your customers are already reading it without having to ask. Kamera Express SEO product text Kamera Express has handled this cleverly (click for a larger version). They have described all technical details in a long list and they give the option to buy immediately.  Not in the mood for the narrative description? The product details in the list are a great alternative. This is ideal for the customers who visit your website to scan.

Product Appeal To You

In this example, your customers will read all the information without leaving many questions. This way you show a lot of technical information in the right way. 8. When not to tell, but to show Text is not always the best way to describe a product. Do you use too many words or do you want to sell on atmosphere or design? Then think Thailand B2B List about whether you can also make the text more concise. Try to simplify the text. Images are better remembered by customers, they will support the text. Show your product in a visual that explains exactly what your product does. The alternation between image and text guides your customer through the information without realizing that he is reading huge stories. For example, Weltevree has a design story and a technical story.


Appeal To You

Beautiful visuals seduce customers and tell them how the product works. That combination works: only a technical story would become too monotonous and only a text about design would not suffice (click for a larger version). Many companies use videos and images to make their point clear. Take a look at the following example of the best-selling product of online wine retailer Neleman. A video doesn’t have to be long. In this video by Neleman, you managed to convince you why you should buy the wine in just 25 seconds. Neleman SEO product text 9. Don’t be afraid to be unique: tell us why your product is special While a short description of one or more paragraphs on a product page works well, you need to know when that’s not what your audience wants.

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