The Product Must Have A Minimum

Amago sells a blanket in various colors and addresses all of the above questions in the product content. From reviews and customer questions on Amazon, about your own products and those of competitors, you can determine which questions concern customers and what information they need. You can use this to further optimize your product content. Example of handling consumer inquiries on Amazon. Step 4. Make your products retail ready The products should also be made as suitable as possible for a campaign. If you want to do it right, make sure your products are retail ready before you include them in a campaign. In addition to good product content, a number of factors determine the retail readiness of a product. Ratings & reviews Ratings and reviews play a decisive role in the consumer’s purchasing decision. If a product has a low rating or few reviews, it makes less sense to make it part of a campaign.

Product Must Have A Minimum

The product must have a minimum rating of 3.5 stars (pdf) and have at least 15 positive reviews to be retail ready. Around peak times, your product should have at least a rating of 4.7. stock You cannot sell a product that is not in stock. It is therefore not wise to run campaigns with a product that has no or insufficient stock. If you’re running a campaign, sort for extra sales and replenish your inventory based on a solid estimate. The buy box China Business Fax List If several sellers sell the same product as you, you compete with them for the buy box . Amazon gives the buy box to the seller with the best chance of conversion. Check carefully whether you have the buy box of a certain product before you include this product in a campaign. If you don’t have the buy box, you’re advertising for your competitor! Enhanced content With Enhanced Brand Content or A+ Content you can provide a deeper explanation of the benefits of the product and build a (brand) experience around the product.


Must Have A Minimum

With the help of modules you can more or less design this content yourself. You can add headers and banners, and cross and upsell tables to help consumers navigate within your Amazon catalog. With Enhanced Brand Content or A+ Content you can increase your conversion by 3 to 10 percent. A nice addition that you can stimulate extra with your campaigns. Step 5. Choose the right campaign type If your products are retail ready, you can include them in your campaigns. Now you choose the type of campaign. There are two basic types of campaigns: promotions and advertisements. With price promotions you stimulate conversion. Advertisements improve the findability of your brand and products. Ads By advertising you improve the findability of your brand and products. You can use this to put your brand or your product at the top of the search results. There are three forms: sponsored brands, sponsored products and product advertisements.

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