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Delivery, taxi, hotel booking, and just about everything else. All-in-one app. China has WeChat (used by over a billion people every month), neighboring Egypt Phone Number countries have others (e.g. Grab from Indonesia, to name just one). Is the super app coming to the EU? Surprisingly, these super apps are almost completely unknown to western consumers. The question is: will it stay that way? Or has 2020 been such a game-changer?

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Even this old dogma is disappearing out the window? The latter seems to be true, as Russia’s leading technology company, Yandex, announced the launch of Yandex Go. This is the first European super app. Meanwhile: ‘Western’ companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google have active super app-like products in Asia to compete with the local products. These are products that they also want to roll out in Europe.

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Market. So we have to ask ourselves: will this be the year we get to know the first European super app? Or is there too great a discrepancy between our ‘western’ cultural habits and other parts of the world? We’ll leave that aside for now. But the fact is that consumer behavior and adoption of digital technologies have evolved tremendously in the past ye  different types of apps 4. Innovation: Digital Healthcare To say that.

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