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It offered users the Bolivia Phone Number possibility to decide.  They want the count of the likes of their posts to appear or not. While doubts about the feasibility of the (and also its usefulness) do not stop growing.  The brands continue their course Bolivia Phone Number and move towards that virtual universe. Another one that is working hard to reach him and transfer his experiences to digital is McDonald’s.

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Apparently he has requested permission to register the Bolivia Phone Number chain. Alternate reality that exploded when Mark Zuckerberg presented it to society. It turns out that on February 4, the company brought 10 applications related to this scenario to the United States Patent Bolivia Phone Number and Trademark Office , both related to McDonald’s and McCafé.

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One of those marks was related to “virtual food and drink products,” including NFTs. Yet another pointed to a ” virtual restaurant with real-life Bolivia Phone Number delivery .” In this way, the idea of ​​​​McDonald’s would be to sell food both virtual and in the Bolivia Phone Number real world through the , as Josh , a lawyer specializing in trademarks, pointed out on Twitter. “You’re hanging out in the metaverse and you’re getting hungry. You don’t even have to take off your headphones.

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