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A new generation Market Research. Based on the crowd testing methodology and mainly dedicated to the technological. Usability verification of digital products. A proposal is suitable for both startups and large companies interested. Which guarantees agility and adherence to the objectives of the client company. With reduced costs and times (hours and days instead of weeks). Most companies, regardless of size, need to submit new ideas and new products/services to potential customers. To understan how they will be receive by the target market. By frequently consulting their customers. Hence the use of Market Research aims to obtain feedback from potential users, through tools such as surveys,

The strength of the community for an enterprise-friendly Market Research

Product tests focus groups or Malaysia Phone Number observation activities that have a report or dashboard as their final result. These methods have in common the collection of data for subsequent analyzes and interpretations. Aimed at making decisions: launch the product, modify it, postpone the launch or even cancel it.”Market research is a mature sector where players try to move towards a high-end positioning in search of a premium price – underlines Benedetto Lamacchia, AppQuality Marketing & Sales Support Specialist, to explain what inspired the agile, crowd-based Market Research offering -. We have analyzed the state of the art of the sector and we have launched a proposal based on two elements: the strength of our community of testers and the lean, free, fresh eye approach (i.e. of those who observe for the first time and therefore find more easily the errors – ed) “.

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The reference community of AppQuality reaches about 250 thousand people around the world, ready to respon quickly to requests. Of which all the characteristics are known (from the bank to the telephone operator to the devices used and the family dial).On the second side, the lean approach aims to distinguish between what is really important for the customer – and should therefore be enhanced -, from what is not needed and can be eliminated, even if it is considered a must for classic Market Research. “We have thus paved the way for a new generation of market research that goes beyond traditional Market Research with a reduction in costs and time, thanks to the agile approach”, comments Lamacchia.

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