Simply Requires Only Three Parts

A developer must first adjust his games before they become available on Stadia. That is also why it is interesting to see how gamers receive Stadia as a gaming console. With a combination of flexibility and accessibility, Google seems to be able to make a big hit in the gaming market, the still unvisited space by Google with Stadia. What opportunities could this offer in the digital marketing landscape? For whom is this development most interesting? What can Stadia mean for digital marketing? In addition to the well-known marketing channels, there is still an undiscovered area in gaming. The younger generations watch linear TV less and less . Instead, they are more likely to watch video on demand services or play games. Google could reach this target group with Stadia and could offer more space for new advertising options with this service.

Requires Only Three Parts

Where Microsoft has already taken this step with advertising on Xbox, Google could follow their example. Furthermore, based on Stadia, Google can expand their reach even further and specify users even more. If someone is logged in with their Google account on both Stadia and the other channels, Google can show even more relevant advertisements Guinea B2B List with the previously collected data (by supplied Stadia data and vice versa). Data linking is just one of the new marketing opportunities that Google can realize with Stadia. In the rest of the article, I’ll take a closer look at the other possibilities that Stadia can offer for digital marketing. Google Stadia and game console. Application to digital marketing Through Google Stadia, gamers can purchase and launch their games through a library. Between all these different games that gamers can buy directly from Google, room can also be made for external advertisers.


Only Three Parts

Google attaches great importance to user-friendliness, so they will want to subtly, or at least hardly disturb, incorporate such advertisements into the platform. Ads in the dashboard The image below shows an example of how Microsoft has implemented this in the Xbox One dashboard, with ad units on the right side of the screen. A common complaint on the internet is that these are hardly relevant. If Google can link to the user’s Google account, it can show ads that better match the user’s interests. The result is not only that the user experiences the advertisements as less disturbing, but possibly also that the user interacts with the ad. Example: Microsoft Xbox One dashboard. Display ads in the games Another possibility is to offer display messages within video games themselves. It sounds advanced and probably won’t be a possibility in the short term, but it’s certainly an opportunity in which Google could specialize.

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