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As SEA specialists, we’ve been waiting for the introduction of images as part of your ad for a few years now. We kept hearing rumors that Google and Microsoft were testing this, but it just wasn’t rolled out. Until now. Remarkably, Microsoft has previously rolled out this feature for the Dutch market. Google Ads is slowly rolling it out as a beta for a number of accounts in the Netherlands. What are image extensions? Image extensions are a type of ad extension that you can set up in Google Ads or Microsoft Ads. If you enable this, a small image will be displayed next to the text of your search ad in the search results. It is intended as an extra to strengthen your message and to stand out better in the search results. For example, this looks like this: Image extensions example. Why should you use this extension?

Of Which We Saw A Large Part

I can imagine you thinking: if I really want to stand out with images, I’ll choose a visual campaign type (such as a display campaign) or a shopping campaign where you can clearly show your product. Justifiably. But there are also some reasons why it is useful to use image extensions. I would like to explain this. 1. Attract attention Image extensions are new in the search results. They will certainly attract attention if an image is Slovenia B2B List suddenly shown in a text ad. If you use a catchy image, you will benefit even more. 2. Compete Are you having trouble scoring in the search results? Do you suffer from a lot of competition? Then enable image extensions to stand out among all your competitors. 3. Get relevant traffic Sometimes your services or products are difficult to describe in a text ad. You only have 30 characters per headline and 90 characters per description. That’s not a lot of space. An image can speak volumes. For example, by adding images of your services, you give a better idea of ​​what your company does.


Which We Saw A Large Part

That ultimately ensures that the right people click on the ads. 4. Increase Brand Recognition You can really strengthen your brand by adding a beautiful, clear, and meaningful image. Are there any requirements I should consider? Image extensions have now been rolled out in beta in Google Ads. In Microsoft, Ads are already available in most accounts in the Netherlands. Of course, you can only enable them once you have access. There are not a lot of requirements to take into account, but it is useful to know a few things. Image extensions are free to enable. You pay a cost per click when someone clicks on an image extension of your ad, just like any other ad extension. You can upload up to 20 images. There are a number of image quality requirements for Google Ads that you need to take into account.

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