Reverse Engineer The Story That Led

Suppose you have a (digital) marketing agency. What will your desk look like in 10 years or so? It is of course coffee grounds, but no less fun to run an experiment on it. Let’s look together at the agency of the future with the knowledge of today. We will do this on the basis of 5 different pillars that play an important role in every agency. Business model, roles, services, campaigns, and collaboration. I make a prediction for each pillar as a warm-up and I want to challenge you to come up with your own prediction next to it. Imagine the following It’s January 15, 2031. Time, the market, and reality have caught up with you. As a result, you have to close the store. Then write down everything that went wrong with this in mind.

Engineer The Story That Led

Reverse engineer the story that led to the bankruptcy of your agency, and takes into account that the world has not stood still in recent years. Another scenario that you can think of is that your agency is a resounding success. That you are the Honduras B2B List market leader in a certain segment and that you tell the story of how this could have happened. If it helps, you can use the pillars below for inspiration, but feel free to give it a different interpretation. Services: more strategy, less execution We could of course have seen it coming. More and more online advertising platforms switched to machine learning and smart bidding. Setting up campaigns will become a piece of cake in 2023. The role and added value of our PPC specialists became increasingly thin. The only reason we were able to keep them employed was that most of the customers didn’t understand what they were doing anyway.



The Story That Led

Until an extensive article appeared on De Correspondent in which the added value of PPC specialists was razed to the ground. In retrospect, we should have retrained our specialists into generalists, who could proactively advise customers with a strategic view. But we hadn’t. The PPC contracts were canceled in droves, as a result of which we saw a large part of our returned turnover disappear like snow in the sun. Also read: “The future of work is remote, with proactive leaders” Roles: from execution to coaching, In fact, it was the same for the rest of our team. We had an agency with specialists who used to each pick up their part in a process. In this way, they gave substance to campaigns and deliverables in an efficient manner.

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