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Advertisers and boycott The latter, boycotting, has also come to the fore in recent months. As a result of the riots surrounding the TV program Voetbal Inside (VI), advertisers were asked to take a position in the social discussion and no longer advertise around these broadcasts. Van Engelen says about this: “It is difficult to come up with your strategy and reactions in the middle of a crisis . You have to work on that before you even get involved in such an activity. Otherwise you run the risk of getting carried away by the issues of the day. You can think about matters in a much more nuanced way beforehand – and now actually afterwards too. In the middle of a battle, which is often fought with verbal abuse on social media, you end up in some hashtag hype.

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The question is who will be the wiser. An advertiser usually does not.” Branding, Marketing and Purpose The Advertisers’ Union has a new chairman – Erik van Engelen Erik van Engelen, the new chairman of the Association of Advertisers – network to share knowledge If ‘corporate responsibility’ is one of the three spearheads of the Association of Advertisers, the new chairman’s thoughts on purpose are essential. In an earlier interview it was suggested Laos B2B List that Erik thinks this is nonsensical. Can he explain that. Hasn’t it become an increasingly important element in recent years? “Yes”, confirms Van Engelen, “Purpose is very important and meaningful. Just like marketing. But when people talk about ‘Purpose Marketing’, my hair stands on end. That sounds as if you are not engaged in meaningful entrepreneurship from the bottom of your heart, but that you are using it as a ‘marketing trick’.


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Especially when I hear people say that they “should sell their purpose marketing better”, I am not happy. Purpose is not a marketing tool and you have to be careful not to stain your brand with it. If done right, it should be at the core of your business. Maybe you don’t even talk about it, you just do it. Then people will notice. If it’s just air, they’ll pierce right through it. So don’t sell hot air. This is how the new chairman of the Advertisers’ Union declares. Agreed to meet!  In his ‘maiden speech’, he emphasized once again that marketing is about the long term, but that the context is becoming increasingly complex. This therefore requires flexibility, but above all a strategy with scenarios. Not only governing is foresight; so is entrepreneurship.

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