Personalize Search Results In The Webcor

There are various SaaS solutions to generate product texts, such as Adzis and Ginnie . Please note, choose a service that is specialized in a certain language or vertical (industry) that is close to your webshop for the best results. 6. Chatbot & Virtual Assistant Chatbots (or virtual assistants) allow you to talk to your customers in a natural way. By means of machine learning, the software understands exactly what your customer is asking and you can automatically provide the customer with the right information. An example of this is the chatbot at customer service. You can also use the bot more to stimulate purchases. Think, for example, of the virtual assistant at United Airlines who asks where you want to go on holiday and eventually comes up with the right suggestion for airline tickets. If you have a clothing online store, you could advise someone the right piece of clothing with a natural conversation.

Search Results In The Webcor

In addition, you can also opt for a more customized approach by integrating your systems with, for example, Google Dialogflow. 7. AI-Generated Models For clothing online stores, there are high costs for professional Cyprus B2B List photoshoots. Still, it is essential to have high quality photos of models showing the clothes. To solve this problem, there are a number of startups that use machine learning to generate non-existent clothing models. This means that the costs are a lot lower and you don’t have to work on royalties or model contracts. AI Models 8. Labeling & Categorizing The products of your webshop are in categories, filters and are sometimes labeled with tags. In this way you can offer your visitors structure when visiting the webshop.


Results In The Webcor

Some of our customers have a webshop with thousands of products and parts. In this case, it can be a lot of work to classify products into the various categories. With machine learning, you can have the computer automatically label and classify products into the correct categories and filters based on the product photo or other product data you have. For example, you can use the Commercetools API for this or tinker with Tensorflow, Google Vision AI and Google Text Recognition API. 9. Crop Images An example of another useful application of machine learning is image cropping.  Machine learning can fix these imperfections for you, you can see an example of this at RemoveBG .

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