See How They Ultimately Make One Story

How do you get started with this? 1. Increase Ad Relevance by Responding to Location The moment you do a search, Google already knows. A lot of information about you, including where you are. On the other hand, you can use this as an advertiser to increase the relevance of advertisements. Below I explain how you can add a user’s location in. A responsive text ad and an extended text ad to increase relevancy. Screenshot location in Google Ads 1.1 Add location in an expanded text ad Before you can dynamically show a user’s location in your expanded text ads, take these steps: Download this spreadsheet document in CSV format. (Choose at ‘File’ for ‘Download’ and the desired format, save the file on your own computer.).

How They Ultimately Make One Story

Screenshot location in Google Ads 1.2 Add location in a responsive text ad Screenshot location in Google Ads You can add a location in a responsive text ad by following the steps below: Start with a bracket and choose the location function , this is a standard ad customizer within a responsive text ad. Indicate at which level you want the Ghana WhatsApp Number List location to appear, this can be city, state or country. Finally, display a default text whenever Google can’t determine the location. That is why it is advisable to test this first within Google Ads and only then to implement it definitively. Screenshot location in Google Ads This test can be set up in Google Ads as follows: Within Google Ads, go to ‘Drafts & experiments’ and choose ‘ad variations’.


They Ultimately Make One Story

Select the campaign in which you want to make the adjustment and choose ‘extended text ad’ or ‘responsive text ad’. Then use the ‘update text’ or ‘find and replace’ function to add the text with the location in headlines or descriptions. Specify the start and end date and then create the ad variation. Adding the location should have a positive effect on the CTR and/or the conversion rate 2. Increase landing page relevance by responding to location In addition to showing the location in advertisements, you also want to use this information to improve the experience on the website. This is possible by shooting a user’s location as a parameter in the URL.

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