Setting Up A Business In Overseas Countries: What Are The Opportunities?

Commonly called DOM TOM or DROM-COM, overseas countries represent for investors an opportunity to diversify their investments while remaining on French territory. If you wish to set up a business in the DOM TOM, you will be able to take advantage of attractive returns, thanks to a particularly advantageous regime and many other advantages of overseas countries. Tourism and renewable energies are very flourishing business opportunities in overseas countries. Create your business in tourism in overseas countries tourism in GuadeloupeTourism is a safe industry in overseas countries. Indeed, the latter are characterized by ideal climatic conditions (practically) all year round. We note the permanent presence of the sun accompanied by a gentle heat, much appreciated by tourists unaccustomed to such a climate on metropolitan land.

The French overseas departments and territories are like an El Dorado for holidaymakers looking for the sun, and for the locals, welcoming these tourists is a real godsend. Consequently, tourism generates income, job creation and even more so, businesses. A safe bet in the economy of overseas countries, tourism is a privileged sector in terms of business creation. Undertake and develop a business in the hotel, restaurant, souvenir market, etc. Create a business in the renewable energy sector in overseas countries Overseas countries are dependent on mainland France for energy. This energy dependence has led many entrepreneurs to invest in local renewable energies (solar energy, energy produced by vegetation). Demand being very strong, the creation of companies in renewable energies is experiencing a real boom.

Vat Applicable In Overseas Countries

Import-export in overseas countries: a sector to explore export to overseas countriesThere is an import-export deficit in overseas countries. Indeed, with their eccentric location in relation New Zealand Phone Number List to mainland France, the DOM TOMs are forced to import a lot and export little. The development of exports is therefore a sector to be explored for the promotion of local products. You can see on the site other interesting details to successfully set up your business without overseas countries. Benefits in overseas countries Generally, autoentrepreneurs must pay social charges (whether they are installed in DROM TOM or in mainland France). These social contributions cover their compulsory social protection (sickness-maternity, invalidity and death, basic pension, compulsory supplementary pension, family allowances, CSG-CRDS).

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However, contribution rates are more advantageous in overseas countries than in mainland France. Craftsmen, merchants or people carrying out an unregulated liberal activity benefit from an exemption from social charges during the first 24 months of activity, from the date of their installation. Depending on the annual income of the self-employed entrepreneur, this exemption (not to with the ACRE) will be degressive, complete or zero. But it that this boost does not relate to all social contributions, in particular supplementary pension contribution (about 540 euros) and the contribution to vocational training (101 to 118 euros depending on the nature of your activity). It that no action is necessary to benefit from this exemption

Attractive Tax Burdens In Overseas Countries

Persons carrying out a regulated liberal activity do not benefit from exemption during the first 24 months of their activity. They enjoy significantly lower rates than in mainland France less than 8% from the date of affiliation.  Until the end of the 7th calendar quarter and less than 15% from the 8th quarter of activity. Their contributions are based on declared turnover. Attractive tax burdens in overseas countries business and axes micro-entrepreneurs.  In overseas countries can benefit from a possible exemption from the CFE (Corporate Property Contribution), a reduction in income tax and a very attractive VAT regime. CFE exemption The CFE is a local tax that a micro entrepreneur must pay each year to his municipality of residence. In order to encourage economy in overseas countries, certain municipalities free zones.

When a micro-entrepreneur domiciles his business in one of these free zones, he can request an exemption from the CFE. However, the approval of this application is subject to multiple conditions. Income tax reduction When you do not opt ​​for the discharge payment. Of income tax and you declare your income in the classic way.   The rate is 30% for Reunion. Martinique and Guadeloupe (but this reduction cannot exceed 2450 euros). Then 40% for Guyana (but the reduction cannot exceed 4050 euros). Note that the income tax reduction applies after all other tax reductions into account. The reduction rates are the same as in mainland France (71% for the sale of goods. 50% for the provision of commercial and craft services, 34% for the provision of services and liberal professions).

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