Setting Up A Business In The Usa: Formalities And Process

Since they perceive there an environment very suitable for entrepreneurship, many French entrepreneurs are seduced by the USA. Apart from the fact that the prospects for the development of companies are immense, the commercial opportunities, as well as the administrative flexibility, are also assets that do not fail to attract entrepreneurs. If you too want to conquer the United States market and want to know more about the formalities to be carried out, then consult this article. For a successful establishment of your business in the land of Uncle Sam, you must first draw up a business plan . You will also need to take the time to analyze the market, which will allow you to have relevant information for the development of an effective strategy.

Note also that to get started in entrepreneurship in the United States, you can opt for various solutions. Initially, you are indeed offered the possibility of launching yourself without proceeding to the creation of a company in this country. To do this, it will suffice, for example, to design a website in English on which you will offer your services. If this solution does not suit you, you can also get started without creating a company, but opting for the services of a representative who resides in the USA. They can then interact with your local suppliers and customers on your behalf. If none of these options seem to meet your needs, then you should travel to the United States in order to set up a company there. An entrepreneur can therefore consider setting up his business in the USA in various ways.

Choose The Form Of Your Business

For an informed and judicious choice of your strategy, it is preferable to use the services of a lawyer specialized in business law . The latter must also reside in the United States. Apart from Egypt Phone Numbers List the fact that he will have to help you select the implementation strategy that corresponds to your requirements, this professional must also be able to help you draft the legal documentation adapted to the want to create. In particular, it will be a question of commercial contracts and the statutes of the company. Thanks to the advice and information that this lawyer will provide you, you will also be able to find out more about the various regulatory and legal constraints that govern your activity at the state and federal level. Take the necessary steps to obtain a visa Unlike a tourist stay.

Egypt Phone Numbers List

where a passport and an ESTA authorization obtained after an ESTA application for the USA on are sufficient to enter the USA, you need a Visa before you can immigrate to this country and set up your business there. US immigration law provides for different types of work visas for foreign workers. Among these Visas, we can then cite: The E-1 Visa (Visa intended for commercial exchanges); The E-2 Visa (Visa for investors); Visa L-1 (Visa intended for intra-group transfers); The H-1B Visa (Visa for specialized workers who must perform temporary work in the USA). Each Visa therefore corresponds to a specific situation and to obtain the one that suits your situation.

Obama’S Startup Visa, How To Get It?

you must meet several very specific criteria. Foreigners who wish to set up a business in the United States can, for example. Apply for an E-1 or E-2 Visa. Although these two Visas are an excellent optin, they turn out to be much more expensive than the L-1 Visa. If you opt for example for the E-2 Visa. You must invest or be about to invest in a company in the USA. A fairly substantial sum. It is in particular up to the Department of State and the Immigration Services to determine.  Depending on the nature of the company concerned.  Whether the investment you are making is substantial enough. The financial obstacle presented by the E-1 and E-2 Visas generally push many foreign entrepreneurs.  To apply for the L-1 Visa. It should be emphasized here that the latter is particularly.

intended for foreign companies wishing to settle on American territory through the opening of annexes. The renewal of this type of Visa out each year. This for a period of 5 to 7 years depending on the case. After this period, the person who has this Visa in his possession must leave the USA.  For at least one year before being able to apply again for a new Visa. It also in the met in order to obtain a Visa are most of the time very complex and strict. To do this, it is strongly recommended an and lawyer in order to optimize your chances of success. Obama’s startup visa, how to get it? Apart from the different types of Visas previously mentioned.

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