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You now know which objective you want to achieve and which video format is best for you, but how do you know when your video ad is successful? How do you measure whether you have achieved sufficient brand awareness, product considerations or conversions by running the video campaign? To determine the success of a video ad, you need to determine the right KPIs. The right KPIs depend on the chosen objective. Unique users If you want to increase the brand awareness of your brand, you mainly look at reach. How many new potential customers have been introduced to your brand? To find out, look at the number of ‘unique users’. In addition to the total number of unique users, you may also want to know a little more about these users, such as country, place, gender, age and interests.

Nike Shorts That Are Closer

So make sure you also include this data. In this way, the data also appeals to the imagination a bit more and you know exactly what the reach is per target group. The number of unique users mainly concerns the volumes. Note that numbers are highly dependent on the budget you put into it. Consider carefully whether you want to set up an Oman B2B List campaign nationally or regionally. Do you want to promote your brand nationally? Then it is advisable to split your targeting into provinces, so that you know exactly how many people you have reached per province. You can also adjust this during the campaign. Also read: Video advertising: the possibilities of different platforms It is always good to base KPIs on already existing results. This way you can be sure that the set KPIs are realistic. Don’t have any existing results at your disposal?


Shorts That Are Closer

Then take generally known data such as the number of daily YouTube users in the Netherlands and the percentage you want to achieve. In this way you smash it, make it manageable and you have a clear KPI. KPI example Unique users: 6% of the daily number of YouTube users in the Netherlands. According to a study by Marktvizier, YouTube had 2.4 million daily users in the Netherlands last year (2019). Brand Impact Measurement In addition to the reach, you also want to know whether the advertisement has had a substantive impact on your target group. This gives you a better insight into brand awareness among the target group and whether or not the video has contributed to this.

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