Since It Is a Reference Partner in the Deployment of the 5g Network

And it seems that we are getting closer, with advances such as those achieved by Vodafone which, after putting aside the battle against. Telefónica , already has more than 85 antennas in 6 cities (Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville, Valencia, Bilbao and Malaga), having signed. Agreements with Samsung , LG and Xiaomi to launch the first 5G terminals. In any case, we will have to wait until 2020 to be able to enjoy it on our mobile phones. In addition, Ismael Asenjo, technology director of. Vodafone Spain, explained that “we will probably see the first commercial test launches in. The second half of 2019, through hotspots, and the first commercial launches in 2020”. The wait until next year is due to the fact that “the surrounding ecosystem is not yet adequate.

It Is a Reference Partner in the Deployment of the 5g Network

It will be necessary to improve the technological part. Network stability, services and frequencies, in addition to the commercial deployment of terminals. And it is that, it is not logical to launch a. 5G service on the market without mobiles that are compatible with this technology. The company has South Korea WhatsApp Number List developed 11 5G nodes in Barcelona, ​​making it possible to connect with the appropriate terminals. A few days ago we warmed up before the Mobile World Congress (MWC) speculating about the news that the main telephone brands could present at the event. The mysteries begin to be solved because, from this Sunday, the manufacturers are revealing their bets and one of the ones that has attracted the most attention has been that of Nokia.


Reference Partner in the Deployment of the 5g Network

5G technology will allow a surgeon to guide another in an operation thousands of kilometers away, as well as the connection to virtual reality glasses, without the need to connect by cable to the computer. “The latency is practically close to zero, between 7 and 10 milliseconds ,” Asenjo said.  “In our analyzes so far we have not found any evidence of a “back door” or anything like that. If that happens, we have to have enough reaction time to make changes, but at the moment we are not in that situation, “Asenjo confirmed.The 91st edition of the Oscars had many winners, but no clear winner: the American racist drama “Green Book” became the best film.

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