Six Tips To Ensure Social Media Marketing Success

For example, I am very fond of Pocket and the associated extension Save to Pocket, with which I can quickly save articles from the browser and also add tags. EmailThis claims to be simpler, for example, because you don’t have to create a Greece Phone Number  List account for it or install associated apps. That can be an advantage if you don’t use anything similar yet.

 Accounts Instead of Using Their

Will still have to label or process the incoming mails with EmailThis. It’s just what you like working. Also, read 21 free SEO tools in row 8. Quickly conjuring up email templates with Briskine Briskine (formerly Gorgias Templates) is useful for those who want to send e-mails faster and who often e-mail the same pieces of text. In Gmail, for example, you can of course create templates for canned replies, but with Briskine you can conjure up your created templates even faster with a shortcut followed.

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Without having to scroll through your templates. This can be useful, for example, for your salutation (shortcut ‘h’ for ‘Hello [first name]) or a closing sentence like ‘I’d love to hear from you. Brisken works for Gmail, Outlook, and LinkedIn. 9. Check your texts with LanguageTool Do you ever write texts or e-mails and do you (too) often catch yourself on spelling or typing errors? Or do they just sneak in in your haste? Then LanguageTool can be a handy helper.

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