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In many places so much food is thrown away unnecessarily, that the possibilities are enormous. What you also see when you look at the app is that bakeries, caterers and other special offers sell out very quickly, often within minutes. You get tips to get hold of a Magic Box, but you can’t reserve them automatically. That wouldn’t be fair. So you have to Greece Phone Number use the app at the right time to reserve a Magic Box. Magic bag from Too Good to Go. Contents of the Magic Bag, including meat, pudding, yogurt and potato slices. A difficult story Although I think everyone thinks food waste is a shame, according to Rietveld it is a difficult story to sell in the beginning. It is a new idea that takes time to land with companies and entrepreneurs.

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The smaller the entrepreneur, the faster it goes. It is often franchise entrepreneurs of, for example, Albert Heijn who decide faster than the large-scale gritter itself. Small supermarkets such as Marqt were also quick in their decision-making. In the beginning, Rietveld sold a dream that is now a reality. widening Too Good To Go is expanding by, among other things, adding company restaurants to its range. For example, only for Unilever employees, because you often have to go through entrance gates to get to the company restaurant. The corona crisis & the potato mountain The potatoes that normally go to the catering industry are mainly intended for fries. Due to the disappearance of that sales channel due to the corona crisis, farmer Paul Munsterman from Nieuw.


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Vennep, among others, was left with a huge surplus of potatoes. Too Good To Go contacted him and convinced the farmer that it was really no joke. In Haarlem, among other places, they sold approximately 280 bags of potatoes in a day via the app. In addition to Haarlem, there were also (and earlier) potato mountains in Amsterdam and Eindhoven, Lelystad, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Dreischor, Leeuwarden, Veghel, Almere and Wageningen.Get potatoes from the farmer. Entrepreneur on the move As mentioned, the entrepreneur determines the price himself, but can always turn to Too Good To Go for advice. ‘The factor three’ is sometimes quite a challenge.

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