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To know the Customer Journey at each stage. It is necessary to start from integration between CRM and marketing automation. Then verify the contact points where the experience takes place. This is followe by monitoring of feedback and the opinion of salespeople. The end of third-party cookies marks a further technological and process innovationThat is: when we talk about strategy, our thoughts are always directed to the company that carries it. It is certainly an interesting point of view, if not vital, but very often we transcend a fundamental variable. The client. What am I talking about?

Building a Social Media Marketing Strategy That Really Works

Of a change of perspective. Not of the Sweden Phone Number mere user of a product/service that enters the scene only in the last bar as a non-variable ending, but of the story that welcomes him as the protagonist. A visual story of his role in selling dynamics.A revolution. If the first was the transition from the simpler trade in goods to non-serial idolatry (Apple), the second was the coronation of services (Amazon) but the last is certainly customer-centric.Digital has broken down barriers that were previously physical, relegating the user’s judgment above all else to an undisputed thermometer. It is no longer just the purchase that determines the gratification.

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The whole approach and engagement to the brand. We must supervise behavior, to ensure final satisfaction. To induce a return, yes of the image, but also of action. Here comes a tool, the only one, useful for abstracting clusters of behavior. To date, the most effective method to map, know, track and experience all the touchpoints that the customer could have with a company is to identify the phases of the Customer Journey.The Customer Journey is not a linear journey and it does not represent a 100% real experience with all its nuances, but it is an abstraction. Not a maze, but a diagram with a dynamic structure that becomes more and more specific to the increase in information on the personas of reference.

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