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After the trial period, they can decide for themselves whether they find the additional features or content worthwhile. 3. In-app Ads Do you want your app to be free to download? And that all functionalities are free to use? Then choose in-app advertisements. Different types of in-app ads are banners. Static or moving images in a fixed format. The banners are placed between the content or in a fixed place at the bottom or top of the screen. When you click on it, a link opens in the browser. overlay. At certain times the entire screen is filled with an advertisement. For example, at the end of an activity or before starting a new round in a game. Rich media. A combination of video, audio, image and text.

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A fully integrated advertisement in the corporate Argentina Phone Number identity of the relevant app. This can come in different forms. Audio and video. An advertisement before or after playing certain media. Think of advertisements on YouTube or Spotify. Advertisements Namibia Phone Number are generally perceived as disturbing by users. Still, most do accept it as a bargaining chip for free use of the app. The advice is not to go too crazy. In-app ads 4. Sponsorship Apps that earn through sponsorship link their partners to parts or functionalities of the apps. You sponsor by highlighting certain content or providers in the app. Think, for example, of Funda or Zalando, which place certain products from sponsored partners.

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Sponsorship in apps Another example is Strava. They highlight their sponsors in so-called challenges and offer a discount to everyone who successfully completes the challenge. Challenges in apps There are several creative ways to bring sponsors to the Namibia Phone Number attention of the users of your app. A tip is to keep a good balance between the ‘normal’ content and the sponsored content. Users don’t want to feel like they’re just watching commercials. Go for free apps! As you can see there are many opportunities to earn from free apps. Which kind is best for you always depends on the kind of app you make. With simple functionalities it is difficult to link a freemium model or in-app purchases.

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