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What will you communicate directly about? When compiling South Africa Phone Number List content. Consider anything that has changed or that employees may have questions about. For example, make a checklist for your organization in. Measures regarding physical distancing . For example using stairs in the building with only one person at a time to ensure a 1.5 meter distance. (New) hygiene measures, for example the use of mouth caps or gloves.

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Rules regarding lunch, for example having lunch in smaller South Africa Phone Number List groups spread over a longer period of time. To prevent too many people being present in communal lunch areas at the same time. Rules regarding meetings and customer visits. For example a South Africa Phone Number List maximum number of people in one meeting room. New protocols and work instructions, for example working methods that have been changed to ensure an appropriate distance from colleagues. Changing floor plans, for example the removal of flexible workplaces. (New) working hours and work schedules, for example designating fixed working days on which one or two departments can come to the workplace in order to be able to distribute people properly throughout the building.

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South Africa Phone Number List

In addition, some information will not be equally important or relevant for all your employees. You will therefore have to target them, so that, for example, the IT employees do not see the same information as factory employees. Even then, choose the right South Africa Phone Number List channel for each type of information to prevent a huge amount of irrelevant information from reaching your employees. 5. Put work atmosphere and culture first The coronavirus outbreak will undoubtedly have an impact on the culture of your organization, including mission, vision and most importantly, its core values.

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