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However, if done poorly, digitization can backfire and amplify the sterile interactions that healthcare is all too well known for. It would be great if the pandemic El Salvador Phone Number turns out to be the start of the long-awaited wave of innovation that the healthcare sector needs. As long as people are central, we really feel it can be a positive change. Let’s hope 2021 will prove to be a leap in the right direction! 5. E-commerce Video First Video.

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About to get even bigger. The current role that video platforms like YouTube and TikTok play in e-commerce still feels a bit old school. However, if we take Asian e-commerce trends as an indication of our future direction, one can see that this is all about to change. Big time. Short video clips are the future of e-commerce and we will be shopping in video apps very soon. In the West, the most common video platform.

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The business model is still ad-based. Currently, eCommerce platforms regard video platforms as traffic generators. Yet in Asia, the short video format (think TikTok and Instagram and recently YouTube) has ushered in a new era of native e-commerce. Retailers have successfully started using video apps as a platform. Not only for entertainment but also for shopping. For example, on Taobao, China’s largest.

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