Social Media Marketing and Your Business ROI

Then we will meet next month.” Experimenting in your Vietnam Phone Number List communication with customers is a way that helps with this. This way you automatically learn which actions work best within the customer journeys and life events of your customer groups. We are now able to achieve a CTR of 8% to 10% in mailings to current customers. The benchmark? Vietnam Phone Number List About 4%. A result that we were unable to achieve from the start. That took time. Read: testing, testing and testing. Step 2. Provide information Are you able to arouse the interest of your customer? Do you get a response or do you click through to your website? Congratulations, well done. The first step has been taken. But what now? Is this the time to immediately indicate that they need to set aside extra money or take out insurance?

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No, if you do that many customers will drop out. They don’t Vietnam Phone Number List have that need yet. Certainly in the financial field, time is needed before customers can make a choice. So take your customers by the hand and tell them more about the product or service you have to offer. Congratulations, well done. The first step has been taken. But what now? This is the moment when Vietnam Phone Number List customers continue reading, calling, sending an email, clicking through to your website or the FAQ page. Looking for relevant information for his or her own situation. Does the customer not find the information that matches this? Then there is a good chance that there will be no follow-up after this step. So make sure that generating interest is in line with the information you give afterward.

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For example, if you have a targeted campaign for young Vietnam Phone Number List people, make sure that these young people find or receive relevant information for them. Write or create information based on the (experienced) problem of your target group. Make the information relevant and show that you understand what your customer is doing. That helps you connect and explain Vietnam Phone Number List why your product or service is really the solution. In other words: respond to the need that has arisen with relevant information. Example of a page with blogs There is more than enough information. We also have a blog page with hundreds of articles with videos and content (see image above).

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