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New Relic provides monitoring of on-premises and cloud servers such as AWS, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean and Microsoft Azure. Monitor application metrics for MySQL databases, log files, Apache servers, custom scripts, New Zealand Phone Number List OS processes, swap usage, Windows services, JVM, Active Directory, and Windows event logs. Perform internal and external monitoring via protocols such as.

Cloud Statistics

Track network metrics such as pings, packet loss, SNMP devices, jitter, latency, and network interfaces. New Relic offers customizable Slack and New Zealand Phone Number List email alerts and technology to eliminate false alerts.  You can configure alerts based on problem severity, state change rules, component dependencies, error and warning thresholds, and employee responsibilities.


Build dependency graphs to show dependencies between network devices, servers, databases, and more. Easily monitor or cloud servers and New Zealand Phone Number List instances with CloudStats. It   Server, Azure VM, Debian and CentOSYou can create a dashboard to visualize your complete data the way you like. You can get started for free.

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