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The early publicity yields a number of success stories. Often there are also many failures. Some companies are now taking action, but many are not doing anything about it yet. Through of Disillusionment. Interest in the Bulgaria Phone Number List technology is declining, because experiments and implementations are not yielding anything yet. Investments will only continue if the products are improved to the satisfaction of early adopters.

The slope of Enlightenment The Crowd

It is becoming increasingly clear how technology can benefit companies. Second and third-generation products are coming onto the market. More and more companies are starting with pilots, but conservative companies remain cautious. Plateau of Productivity. Technology is becoming more and more mainstream. The broad applicability and relevance are becoming clearer. 3 tech trends Gartner has distilled 3 broad trends from the various technological developments.

Bulgaria Phone Number List
Bulgaria Phone Number List

Engineering trust The first trend is about trust. To gain the trust of a user and customer, a technology (but also a company, for example) must be reliable and handle data securely. Gartner also sees trust as a foundation for new innovations to deliver value. For example, consider cloud technology. Many services currently come from the US or Asia, so European companies store their data in these regions.

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