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The technologies in the points of sale certainly have a key component in digital signage. Customers find displays of all shapes and sizes, harmonized with the design of the store. Which inform them about opening and closing times. Tell them which products are related to their purchases (cross-selling) or offer them special promotions once they recognize the customer. Via credit card or beacon technology. RFID tags, it is possible to interact with customers by recognizing not only their pedestrian traffic inside. Outside the store but also to collect information on the history of their purchases to cross-reference data. Customize the offer to propose what you need when you really need it.

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The quality of information becomes Philippines Phone Number bimodal, helping distribution on the one hand and customers on the other in a virtuous path of communication. This is the case for smart labels which, thanks to a tag or a QR code. Associated with product tags make information transparent. Allowing customers to better understand what they are buying and to do it independently. In this way the clerk can work at a higher level of communication: thanks to tablets. Smartphones in the store he can help customers with value-added advice, proposing solutions or alternatives. Always having the catalog of the offer and the status at hand. inventory. On the other hand, in-store furnishings conceal the latest-generation technologies that allow consumers to better understand consumers. Helping in-store staff to better manage work shifts, relationships, and business.

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“Current consumers are looking for visual stimuli – continues Mombrini -. The widespread diffusion of media in daily life has meant that customers prefer concepts told with fresh, comprehensive, and easy-to-understand images, rather than a long text to read. They are struck by the way the visual elements are presented, which are immediately associated with their way of perceiving the brand. Digital signage becomes smarter by integrating a new software intelligence that offers to schedule of movies and messages but can also intercept what viewers watch most or least. The displays, in fact, are increasingly dynamic and interactive, allowing not only to make an environment more spectacular but also to communicate in targeted manner messages that change according to the time and day.

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