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Brought to the digitization process. In short, 2020 has pushed both consumers and businesses across a technology tipping point. This affects the way companies Croatia Phone Number interact with customers and how companies operate internally. The urgency to deliver digital business value is central to any post-COVID-19 strategy. So we ask ourselves the daunting question: Also read 10 free whiteboard tools for online meetings.

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Brainstorming Where do we go from here? One thing the pandemic has made clear is that people and human interaction are still at the heart of all businesses. People need to connect, collaborate and communicate with each other. The past year has proven that we as humans have a versatile and flexible nature. In response to an urgent need for new digitized processes, we have reinvented the way we work.

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Collaborate and communicate within organizations. And with that, another question arises: Is 2021 the end of ‘digital’? Digital has become such an integral part of our lives that it seems like the word ‘digital’ is quickly losing its meaning. After all, to label certain parts of life as ‘digital’, other parts have to be labeled as ‘non-digital’. This distinction has been more or less obsolete by merging everything we used to think of as.

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