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Under the motto ‘every little bit helps’, we are working towards big results. But does that work? Not always, according to various studies. Taking a small positive action for the climate can actually have a net negative effect on how sustainable we live. Cause? So-called ‘moral self-licensing’. The government’s ‘everyone is doing something’ campaign.

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Moral self-licensing: compensating for good behavior with bad behavior Moral self-licensing involves the following: you use the fact that you have done something good before as an excuse to behave less ethically or less well later on. Examples of moral self-licensing are: You have Germany Phone Number installed solar panels and then worry less about your power consumption (which ultimately means you use a lot more).

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You do not drive a car and therefore think it is fine that you regularly make air travel. In a sustainable clothing store you buy extra T-shirts that you don’t actually need, because you feel so good about buying things in a sustainable store. You might recognize yourself in these examples (I certainly do!). You can probably now imagine that moral self-licensing can be problematic for making our society more sustainable.

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