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This leads to political and social unrest about the protection of this data. It is also quite a task to make good legislation for it (just think of the GDPR / AVG). One technology to keep an eye on according to Gartner is the sovereign cloud. Just charged: cloud in our Cambodia Phone Number List own country. By storing data within national and/or EU borders, companies can better comply with local legislation and better protect their data.

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Another development is decentralized identity, where you gain control over your own digital identity and what data you share with others. Gartner gives an example of showing your driver’s license for buying alcohol. You not only show your date of birth, but also other information. In fact, the retailer only needs to know that you are old enough.

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Cambodia Phone Number List

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Gartner also mentions nonfungible tokens (NFTs) as an interesting development that falls under this trend. Jan Scheele previously wrote on Frankwatching about the potential of NFTs and the obstacles. Other technologies that Gartner mentions within this trend are machine-readable legislation, decentralized finance, homomorphic encryption, active metadata management, data fabric, real-time incident centers, and communication applications for employees (particularly for the front-line workers who do not have to work every day.

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