Social Media Marketing: How Much Time Should

The larger the company, the more specialized your role. Most SME marketers will not sell themselves as ‘Senior optimization online partnerships’ on LinkedIn, but see themselves as generalists. So a marketer. And the moment your company also moves into a very specific niche, you automatically broaden rather than deepen. What lessons Argentina Phone Number and pitfalls Argentina Phone Numberdid I encounter and how do you navigate in such a role?

Jack of all trades,

A nice negative title as a start for a positive piece? Of course not. Because there is nothing more fun than immersing yourself in a technique, tool or Argentina Phone Number optimization without having years of experience with it. And due to the current market, there is a lot of gold for the taking, even without having to spend tens of thousands of hours (or euros) in your backpack.

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Master of none?

This soon became apparent in my current role Argentina Phone Number as a marketer at TrackJack. Where the initial focus was on SEO , it soon became apparent that a lot is possible. Marketing makes sales possible, supports customer service, writes texts for development, launches new products, researches abroad as a new market and in the meantime also keeps up with the latest developments. So a Jack of all trades?

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