Social Media Marketing Ideas That Can Maximize Your Brand

Potential customers are looking for a solution to a problem, an answer to a question. Or whatever type of product or service the company offers. What motivates them to find out more about your product or service. Awareness Phase: The customer is aware that your company represents a potential solution to their problem or meets their need. Familiarization / Evaluation Phase. The client narrows the number of brands initially discovered and familiarizes. Evaluates the brands to decide which is best for their problem or need. At this stage the process should not be overly complicate. Rather inform them about the benefits they can get. Thanks to the product/service features that will help strengthen their desires and needs.

Social Media Marketing Tricks And Tips

Purchase phase: The customer has made a Thailand Phone Number decision but still has to take the necessary actions to complete the purchase. It is important to pay close attention to language and the different wording of sentences and to make sure that your messages are congruent and coherent. Loyalty phase: this is the most delicate because in this post-sales phase you have to convince the customer why he should continue to buy from you in the future.

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Customers/consumers, therefore, start from a certain number of potential brands and methodically reduce this number to arrive at the purchase. This aspect must be considered as upstream of it is the SWOT analysis and therefore you already know how and why the consumer/customer will come to choose your product/service.The near end of third-party cookies can be a great (re) starting point for brands because the value of Customer Analytics is enhanced and the tools for mapping and improving the phases of the Customer Journey are renewed.

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