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By setting up a dark site, you force yourself to prepare to a Kenya Phone Number List very concrete level what you think you will need during various scenarios. It forces you to think about which scenarios are most relevant to your organization, and at the same time to go further in the messages you prepare than buzzing strategies like “proactively wanting to tell an open, transparent and honest Kenya Phone Number List message”. You will have to really work out the message and have it approved by others within the organization where necessary. Your crisis preparation can hardly be more robust than that – no matter in which sector you are active. Ask questions Let’s agree: Set up another meeting this week with the people responsible in your organization during a crisis.

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Then ask them these questions: If we had a crisis right now, how Kenya Phone Number List quickly would we be able to get a really good message out? And what if our website is not available? A dark site just might turn out to be a very welcome addition to all the plans you’ve made before. Great to Kenya Phone Number List get started right away from the home office! The reactions of brands to the corona crisis are often noble, but sometimes less charming. That caused quite a stir. In this article I wonder aloud what the effect is on employer branding . So: how does the way companies deal with the crisis affect their employer brand? Can the ‘lovable’ companies count on more loyal employee advocates (employees who promote their company as an employer)?

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And do the not so nice companies have more trouble filling their Kenya Phone Number List vacancies? Much-discussed examples Some examples of brands on ‘the wrong side’ of the crisis are, which turnover billions, is not in immediate danger, but still applied for Kenya Phone Number List state aid. De Bijenkorf, which casually informed its suppliers that it would not make payment in the near future. And KLM that wanted to pay its CEO a million-dollar bonus while there are layoffs and the fleet is virtually at a standstill. On ‘the good side’ we see Bavaria, which spontaneously started producing disinfectant. Ultimaker, who started printing parts for (oxygen) masks. Or Dyson, who suddenly ventured into ventilators.

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