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Making combinations Finally, Atkinson explains that you Albania Phone Number List can make combinations. Which often have an even greater effect. We have already seen some of those combinations. This one from the inaugural address of the then US president. Barack Obama, is an example. We see contrasts, rows of three and a headline punchline technique (2009): Today I say to you Albania Phone Number List that the challenges we face are real. They are serious and they are many . They will not be met easily or in a short span of time. But know this America : They will be met!’ Not Possible Without Atkinson’s analysis of Bolkestein and Brinkman As far as I know, Atkinson has been on television once in the Netherlands.

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In ‘Beautiful Words’ by the RVU (1994) he analyzes speeches Albania Phone Number List by Frits Bolkestein. Elco Brinkman the leaders of the VVD and CDA at the time. Atkinson will speak from 5:30 minute. A small caveat As mentioned. Other researchers have built Albania Phone Number List on Atkinson’s findings. Cultural differences were also taken into account. For example, Peter Bull and Ofer Feldman ( 2011 and 2012 ) investigated how claptraps are doing in Japan. They turned out to be just a small part of the collective applause: 29% in the 2005 elections, 26% in the 2009 elections. The main reason? Applause in Japan often follows a fairly explicit invitation to do so.

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For example, if the speaker concludes his point with: ‘Don’t Albania Phone Number List you agree?’ Asking for a speech without rhetorical techniques is like asking for an omelette, but without the eggs. Rhetoric indispensable, but not everything Finally, it has to be said: the application Albania Phone Number List of rhetorical techniques and beautiful imagery alone do not guarantee a good speech. Atkinson does not want to claim that either. 350 BC in his Ars Rhetorica , Aristotle already defined the 3 main ingredients for a convincing story: ethos (revolving around the speaker’s character and credibility) pathos (revolving around the emotions of the audience) logos (revolving around logical reasoning and (apparent) proof).

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