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Also prepare a number of poll questions so that you actively involve the participant in the webinar. You will let this come up at a number of moments in the webinar. Divide the interaction moments over the webinar for a good balance. 5. From a good story to a good webinar with a script Most of the thinking is now done. But how do you turn a good Kuwait Phone Number story into a good webinar? A script plays an important role. Everything comes together in the script. The script lists the times, content and speakers. I recommend making a script based on key points. The script shows which speaker is speaking when and when a video is started. Do not make a book out of it. Also, download examples or templates to be inspired and to make it easy on yourself.

On Costs Then Drop

Example of a script. 13:20 Get ready and count down All Welcome and introduction. Sheet 2: agenda Sheet 3: photos experts Paul 13:35 Presentation: Background of the ew legislation and regulations Achmed 13:50 Instart: video 1: ‘Why the new Kuwait Phone Number question or the usefulness of the new law. Does this have a positive effect for members? – Yes, but not immediately – Yes, immediately – No, direct disadvantage – No, in the long run it results in disadvantage Paul 14:00 Answering questions from participants Paul Extra: practice, practice, practice Is the script ready? Then come together (digitally) with all those involved. And practice the webinar a few times.


What Happens When You

Pay special attention to the times. Do you find that you need a lot more time while practicing? Then consider shortening parts of the webinar. Do not forget to also adjust the script in case of changes. Customer contact costs a lot of money. Within many companies, it is customary to regard customer contact as a cost item and to focus a lot on reducing costs. Do you focus on costs? Then they will drop. What happens when you broaden your horizons and invest some of your time and effort in the enormous potential of value you can add with customer contact? That’s right, the added value of customer contact increases enormously.

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