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What it depends on the offer. At a bakery, for example, it is one or two (half) loaves of bread and special bread such as buns and croissants. Supermarkets have a varied selection with all kinds of things. One of the supermarkets near me often Germany Phone Number which a family can easily eat for three days. It is not that it is always a meal package. You often have to combine it with what you already have or are still buying. It is important that it must also be really eatable (that is, eat it realistically, so within a short time). Of course, you can also freeze products. Bread and buns from the baker. One of the nearby bakers participated.

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Disappointing bags Because they are surprise bags, it can happen that the content is disappointing. What’s in it may not be to your taste. But it may also be that the price-quality ratio is less. That’s why you can rate the bags by stars. You can also Germany Phone Number indicate whether you would like to purchase a bag from this entrepreneur again. Personally, I rarely have the bag on the lesser side. The photos of the baker and the cheesemonger accompanying Germany Phone Number this article are more the rule than the exception. How quickly can an entrepreneur join? According to Rietveld, an entrepreneur can access the app within 30 minutes. There is a form in the app and on the site to get in touch.


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Together with the people of Too Good To Go, a page is created and the entrepreneur can offer his/her products. It is important to emphasize that this is about waste, not something else. Via the site, entrepreneurs can log in to a portal where they can enter bags. But there is also another process and that must also be arranged: that is the collection of the products in the store for the bag. A good balance is important. Too Good To Go takes a market margin from the sale. The exact percentage is unknown. The succes In the Netherlands there are more than 1.7 million users and more than 3 million meals bags have been rescued. At the moment there is more demand than supply. So the company is now working hard to attract more entrepreneurs across the country.

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