Social Media Marketing Strategy – Know Its Effectiveness

After all, a collection worth €50,000+ is no longer rare. Screenshot of the sneaker account NikeairM3II3r on Instagram. ‘Sneaker circle’ – source: NikeairM3ll3r on Instagram. greed for collecting A shoe does not just become a popular collector’s item. This is preceded by a well thought-out process. What works for kids at Pokémon (Gotta catch ‘m all), works the same for sneakerheads.

hype building

A good example is the release of various ‘packs’. A series of different sneakers with a specific theme. Are released in phases. Collectors must have the complete series, even if they don’t even like some versions. What it always does well is a shoe designed Mexico Phone Number in collaboration with an artist, artist or athlete ( collab ). Collabs from Nike and for example artist Piet Parra , Kanye West or the Japanese fashion store Atmos are instant hits.

The WhatsApp group:

The most recent example is the hype surrounding the Patta Waves pack. With the release of the first iteration, the Patta x Nike Air Max 1 ‘Monarch. Also called color way . Soon, zoomed-in photos with snippets of the following must-haves were circulating all over social media, forums and WhatsApp groups. Screenshot of the @AirMAFK account on Instagram.

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