Social Media Marketing Strategy – Plan Your Success

Provide access to more information 3. Make it safe to discover your site 1. Put a clear value proposition at the top of the page We all visit dozens of websites every day. And we quickly assess whether or not the website is of any use to you. Herbert Simon, a Nobel Philippines Phone Number laureate, argues that people try to think rationally but often use cognitive shortcuts because we have little time and information for rational choice. There are various statistics from surveys but the bottom line is that people decide within 10-15 seconds on average whether they want to stay on the website. What does this mean for your homepage? Because people decide very quickly whether they want to invest time and are interested in your product or company, you have to grab and hold their attention quickly.

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How do you handle this? Put a clear value proposition at the top of the homepage. Don’t talk about features , but what these features solve for the potential customer. In this case, it is better to focus on one unique selling point (USP), because the attention of the site visitor is scarce. Did you grab the site visitor’s attention with the value Philippines Phone Number at the ‘top’ of the page? Then you can expect him or her to scroll further and delve into the specifics of your product. Site visitors quickly give up on their first visit to a website. This has created the idea that all important information should be at the top of the page, otherwise people will not scroll and miss something.


Are Similar Convenience

The truth is more nuanced: if the site visitor has enough interest and motivation to scroll. But empathy For websites that also serve existing customers such as digital tools. Educational institutions and hospitals), it is important that they can be quickly referred to relevant pages. These site visitors know what they are looking for, so you can place these references (‘top tasks’) subtly or just below the fold. The value proposition in practice Dropbox starts with a clear value proposition that is articulated from the perspective of the potential customer. Then they go into more detail about the specific solutions and features. Soundcloud chooses to promote the ‘Go Pro’ option at the top of the page.

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