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The evolution of technologies is profoundly changing. The Greece Phone Number world of work, also (and above all) in terms of professional. Profiles and skills required by companies. The topic is so topical that it has also been analyzed by the World Economic. The forum has identified 7 professional clusters and 5 skill categories that will define the emerging jobs of the next few years. To enter during 2020. In particular, Dx is hiring big data analysts, experts in cyber security, advice on banking and insurance, graduates in STEM disciplines, and salespeople.

Upskilling and reskilling the role of training.

What emerges unequivocally is that digital and the Cambodia Phone Number human factor proceed in tandem, and it is a trend that the organizations of our country are also acquiring awareness of in various ways. A few days ago, during an interview, Sergio Cereda, HR Director of DXC Technology Italia, told us that accompanying Italian companies in this process of change means investing in new resources and skills. DXC CEO Lorenzo Greco also emphasized the core value that skills have today. In a recent article published in Il Sole 24 Ore. Over the last few years.

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The multinational end-to-end IT services company Greece Phone Number has set up skills. transformation plan that involved 1958 people (382 in 2018 and 906 in 2019) and which saw the birth of a specific initiated Workforce Transformation division with the goal of ensuring that human resources. Which for DXC is a priority asset, can accompany the process both within organizations and in client companies. Through upskilling and reskilling paths. The approach to training adopted by DXC favors the flipped classroom modalities. To overcome the typical difficulties of frontal teaching methods. Which penalizes involvement and commitment. According to this model, the person and the company. Collaborate to design the path of acquisition and enhancement of skill.

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