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You try to exclude other variables as much as possible. That is Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List how we set up this research, in which we look at two ‘variables’: the image of Corona before the crisis versus after the crisis and the situation without specific information about the Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List effect of the crisis versus with specific information. We The Participation Pyramid We used a statement from Corona itself for this. After all, we want to determine whether COVID-19 has an effect on the image, and whether it matters whether the link was made or not. What does the research say? As mentioned, the results also surprised us.

Issue And The Majority

We now present the results and first discuss the initial Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List situation. Then the effects of corona in general on Corona, and then see whether the communication of Corona itself has had an influence and if so, in which direction. starting situation Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List Corona, it’s not the first beer we think of. Corona does not enjoy a strong brand preference and scores a six overall, both before and after COVID-19, as figure 1 shows. It is a beer that (almost) everyone knows: 95% indicate that they know the beer. Brand awareness Corona in a graph. Report mark (figure 1) What does corona do to Corona?

Mainly Observes

Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List

The beer brand has been in the news for months. That started in Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List February. In April, the brewer was ready to shut down production and for a month considered renaming it. So there has been a lot of communication about it. And this is Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List reflected in the change in the most important brand KPIs: awareness, associations, attitude and resonance, see figure 2. The main brand KPIs of beer brand Corona. Figure 2 Explanation: we explained these terms in Blokker ‘s brand roast , but they are derived from the Keller brand model . Building a brand starts with creating brand awareness. You then build associations that are either about your performance or that conjure up a certain image.

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