Social Media Marketing – What Does It Mean?

Find out more about color psychology here . If you’ve ever watched Victor Mids ‘ Mindfuck , you may have seen this example in action. pineapple as an example of priming Supermarkets are eager to use it. If they use certain colors, for example yellow, on posters and at the entrance, there is a good chance that you will opt for products such as bananas and pineapples. Purely because these are also yellow. Watch the Mindfuck broadcast about this here. How do you apply this?


Determine what you want to radiate with your brand or, for example, what your goal is for the landing page. (Many companies also look at their values, mission, and vision.) Determine the color that predominates. (There’s no point in using red if you want Albania Phone Number to radiate positivity and joy.) 3. Brand Priming Brand priming is perhaps the best known. Volvo focuses on a safe car. Nike on achieving goals, IKEA on the cheapest, McDonald’s on family happiness and Red Bull on energy and speed.

This is the order of thinking for a customer:

I could go on like this for a while. Powerful, but also difficult. Especially because it takes a lot of time to get a certain status, such as Red Bull or Nike. A track record and awareness is necessary to be able to use this priming and to get a certain feeling about your brand from the visitor. So I have to remember you a concrete step-by-step plan. Priming goes well with storytelling If you make sure that you are already known to people when they make the decision to buy a product/service, there is a good chance that they will do this with y

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