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Healthcare was an incredibly important industry last year would be quite an understatement. But even before 2020, healthcare was seen as a space that needed the Dominican Republic Phone Number digitally driven innovation. However, due to its size, complexity, and need for privacy and confidentiality, digital innovation in healthcare has proven to be a tough nut to crack.

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Often feel soulless and far from “people-oriented.” Given the events of last year, now may be the right time to accelerate digital innovation within the healthcare sector. The urgency is certainly there, as evidenced by the shortcomings in the provision of pandemic-related health care. And the frequent delays in ‘routine’ health care due to infrastructure needs, an aging population, and increased labor costs due to staff shortages.

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Do we handle this? Hopefully, embracing digital technology that enables more efficient and more human interactions can be part of the solution. Overall, the trend seems pretty clear: more and more of our care interaction will take place through screens. This only increases the need to design human-centric systems. When done right, digital solutions with human-centric design can really help people take control of their own.

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