Southern Connecticut Athletic League president

Connecticut’s Sacred Heart Women’s College defeated the Lyman Hall High School women’s basketball team 92-4. Until the last quarter of the game, the score of the visiting team Lyman Hall High School was zero. After the game, Sacred Heart Women’s Academy apologized for the way the result was achieved. Southern Connecticut Athletic League president Al Carbone confirmed that Coach Jason Kirck has been suspended. “I think the difference is going to send a red flag to the outside world. It’s not just an 88-point gap, but how does that affect the student players?” he said. “The Sacred Heart Women’s Academy has been making us forced errors the whole game, and it’s been running the fast break the whole game and never letting go,” said Lyman Hall High School girls’ basketball coach Tom Lipka.


Regarding this game, the discussion among netizens

Was quite lively. The main focus was on how to win when one side’s strength was crushed. Since most Portugal Phone Number readers have experience in competitive sports and have encountered games with huge gaps in strength, they can Seeing discourses from different fields, the exchange is very interesting. Each sport has its own unique culture and internal regulatios a mistake. “I can oppress, and you can oppress too! How can it be unfair?” However, in fact, full-court pressure is not a conventional defensive method. Because of active pressure, the number of people returning to the  I personally divide it into three categories: If you are slightly behind at the critical moment, if you don’t have enough time, you will lose if you don’t gamble. There is still a chance if you gamble.

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In lower-level competitions, players have poor basic skills

And they can easily win by practicing a few sets of tactics. Ion who can’t even move the ball”. After excluding the technical gap, just using the body to fight against the opponent’s imbalance and dropping the ball is enough to create Lots of mistakes. When the gap between the basic abilities of the two sides is too large, due to the gaps in physical fitness, technology, predictive ability and pressure, the defense will consume less than the attacker, resulting in the weaker side getting more tired and the winning side getting more and more courageous. Risk defense? Gambling stealing? Because the other party has no power to fight back, this “risk” is so low that it is worth investing in. Steal, fast break, steal, fast break. If you don’t want to stop, this carnage can go on for 40 minutes.

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