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3. Google Merchant Center or

To link the product feed to Google’s Search Engine, you need a platform that turns your product feed into visible products again.

For this, Google has created its Merchant Center. This removes all products from the product feed, recognizes the errors, explains how you can fix them and makes the redirection to organic and paid search results within the shopping environment.

It is also possible to make this connection via a third-party platform, a Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) partner. These are a kind of comparison sites that also display their affiliated  within Shopping and do exactly the same as Google with Merchant Center.

Side note in between:

Pretty crazy right? A comparable service from third parties? This arose from a years-long procedure in which Google received a hefty fine of 2.4 billion euros from the European Commission for abuse of power. It was found that Google did not have the right to favor their Shopping ads, here they had to allow other comparison sites as well. This is how the CSS platforms were created.

And should you choose Google Merchant Armenia Phone Number Center or a CSS? That’s a tough question, it has both pros and cons. With a CSS you get a 20% discount on your cost per click, that sounds very nice. However, you pay this CSS an extra separate rate. Google Merchant Center is from Google itself and it is just free to use. There are many CSS systems and they all work differently and have their advantages and disadvantages.

4. Link to Google Ads


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Fortunately, this long process ends with Google Ads. In this advertising platform you link your CSS or Merchant Center account with your advertising account. You can then create a Google Shopping campaign and choose which products you want to display.

Creating your Google Shopping campaign

Once you’ve linked Merchant Center to your Google Ads account, the real work begins. You have now completed the technical preparation and continue to create the campaigns. There are two options here: the Standard Shopping campaign and the Smart Shopping campaign. The difference in a nutshell:

Standard Shopping Ads

With standard Shopping ads, you enter all your products and display them in the Shopping environment. This can be done by means of manual bidding, so that you have everything in your own hands in a structured manner. You can then set bids on each individual product. It is also possible to apply automated bid strategies from Google such as Maximize Conversions or Maximize ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) where you try to achieve as much margin as possible. 

Your preference depends on your experience and what suits your products. If you don’t sell that many products, Google doesn’t have that much data to compare. It’s always good to experiment what works best for you.

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