Starting A Business In Belgium: Instructions

Not to scare you, but setting up a business is a rather complex process. It requires not only a certain preparation (even a certain preparation), but also important decision-making. Creating a business cannot be improvised! It is indeed necessary to take a real interest in the question in order to put the chances of success on one’s side. Are you about to set up your business in Belgium? Well, this article will help you answer the many questions that need to be resolved. Instructions for use, procedures, legal structures and tax requirements… it’s in the following! The creation of a company in Belgium (as everywhere else) requires the development of a certain number of prerequisites . To begin, you will need to be of legal age, enjoy your civil rights, have legal capacity and not practice any profession incompatible with your future aspirations.

Assuming that these necessities are observed, a business project then requires an innovative idea that will form the basis of its existence. As you certainly know, the key to the success of any business lies, first of all, in the strength of its creative idea. You don’t necessarily have to have a revolutionary idea; no ! The main thing is to stand out from the lot of your competitors. Then comes the market research stage.which is also an important stage in the process. This study will allow you to check the adequacy of your idea to the reality on the ground. We advise you to make it a point of honor to carry out this step, because its success will condition the success of your company.

Where To Set Up Your Business?

Following this, once reassured of the relevance of your business idea and its usefulness for the target population, you will need to build a business plan . Summary of your project Jordan Phone Number List which will trace, among other things, your idea and its added values, your motivations, the results of the market study, the business plan allows you to formalize the project and to have a reference document about it. The legal status of the company Assuming that all these preliminaries are carried out and that the idea of ​​creation materializes, it will be necessary to determine the ideal legal status for your company : auto entrepreneur, sole proprietorship, craftsman, company…

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The choice of the legal structure will induce the rest of the formalities and designate the tax system that will be applied to your business. In Belgium, the law offers two options which consist either of constituting your company as a natural person or as a legal person . The difference between these two modes is at the level of the second option which, unlike the first which is nothing other than a sole proprietorship, is distinguished under the six (6) forms which are: the branch; the liaison office; the sole-shareholder SPRL; the Société Anonyme or SA; the Cooperative Company with Limited Liability; the Private Limited Liability Company, known as SPRL or SPRL Starter. Even if freedom of investment is the principle that prevails in Belgium, certain activities still require government authorization.

Registration At The Crossroads Bank For Enterprises

Therefore, you will be subject to certain regulations and standards depending on the activity you wish to carry out and the status of your business. With regard to taxation, simply remember that only companies that are legal entities are subject to corporation tax; sole proprietorships are only affected by corporate tax. Dedicate a bank account to your business. Whether you have opted for a natural or legal person for your company.  We strongly advise you to open a bank account different from yours. This bank account should only for transactions relating to your business. This will allow you to have better visibility on banking operations. Registration at the Crossroads.

Bank for Enterprises Despite the differences that exist with regard to the formalities. Related to the creation of a business as a natural person or a legal person.  Both types of business with the Banque Carrefour des Entreprises (BCE). Registration will for natural person companies in an business counter and for legal person companies. At the Registry of the Commercial Court. After this registration, a unique number will to your company.  Register for VAT When registering with the BCE.

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