Stay Pure And Ask Yourself Every Step

Performance Based Branding makes your branding campaigns measurable and insightful What to do and what not to do To begin. At PBB it is crucial to know what the message is that you as a brand want to communicate to the consumer. Branding works best in a competitive market, because then the consumer needs a clear distinction. You achieve that distinction through a strong brand message and strong creatives who support that message. By a strong brand message I mean a message that sets you apart. What is the added value of your brand for the consumer? Think Nike: Just do it . With this they give the feeling that you are also an athlete with a product from Nike. This way you create real emotional value to your brand instead of just functional value . Today’s online consumer has high expectations of quality and finds authenticity very important. Creatives should be believable and pleasant to look at, so no more standard stock images! Also read.

Pure And Ask Yourself Every Step

The new data model of Google Analytics 4, what exactly is that? Performance based branding is therefore closely related to these visuals. And with this it is also important which channels you use. Since we are talking about (online) performance branding here, you have to be able to measure the used channels in the right way . In addition, it is very Romania Phone Number List important that the match between your brand message and the channel is correct. A company that wants to distinguish itself in the sports nutrition market will not easily achieve many results on LinkedIn. And a brand that helps consumers recruit may wonder if TikTok is the right channel. The common thread in these do’s and don’ts is that as a brand you have to stay close to yourself. Formulate a clear and clear brand message and support it yourself. Communicate through channels that fit instead of just thinking about a large reach.


And Ask Yourself Every Step

Stay pure and ask yourself every step of the way: does this fit with our brand? Use tape measure. More real-time insight into the effect of your campaigns But what exactly are you measuring? Can you also measure traditional branding? By traditional branding we mean TV or radio campaigns that are measured via metrics such as GRPs (the number of people reached in the target group X the frequency that the ad was seen by these people) or impressions. In addition, major brands often work with a market research agency to measure the effect, although this is often cumbersome and expensive. With PBB you can gain more (real-time) insight into the effect of the campaigns in addition to the traditional methods . Insights that PBB can give your brand are, for example, whether people ended up on the website after seeing your branding video or perhaps made a purchase. But also the engagement rate . Do they like the utterance? Do they click through and if so, how long do they stay?

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