Strategy Will Not Only Increase Your Conversions

Google Trends takeaway. It was also important for many stores to switch to online shopping. For consumers, this was one of the few ways to shop. Especially when the first lockdown took place, there was a lot of interest in the search term “online shopping.” The average search interest for online shopping will also remain high in 2021. This will probably also remain high, because it suits well. Another interesting development is the search behavior for discount codes. In the first months of the lockdown, people worldwide went looking for discount codes more often. This may also have been a result of many stores offering a “corona discount” because they could not be fully open or provide the service they normally provided. Trend #3. Local becomes important There has also been a greater interest in local businesses. During the first lockdown, a lot of attention was paid to actions such as “support local businesses” or #supportyourlocalbusiness.

Strategy Will Not Only Increase Your Conversions

But a lasting effect can be seen if we look at the search interest of the search term “near me.” If you can’t or aren’t allowed to go far, for example, you search for the “best burger near me,” a search term that increased by 150% in search interest . Has the citizen given birth? Then it may well be that you will eat there more often in 2021. In the Netherlands, too, we saw a significant increase in search interest for nearby food . Google Trends nearby. Trend #4. Going digital in all sectors In various sectors, especially those that were forced to close, there El Salvador Phone Number List is a clear shift to digital. In the catering industry, as I wrote in trend #2, there is a major shift to takeout and delivery. After the relaxation, we see that this trend will continue. In addition to the catering industry, fashion stores have also had to close their doors. But because everyone was at home, you didn’t have to have nice outfits. The fashion stores responded with lounge wear . Via Google Trends I compare the search interest of “smart casual” with “lounge wear.” It is clear that smart casual is taking a big dip and that lounge wear is becoming increasingly popular.


Will Not Only Increase Your Conversions

Speaking at Google’s 2021 Retail Summit, Scott Galloway (marketing guru and professor) speculated that this trend might also lead to a decline in sales in the beauty sector. Google Trends smart casual versus lounge wear. Universities and training institutes also had to switch gears. Fortunately, they are still able to offer online classes. Nowadays, even after the relaxation, there is still a lot of search interest for “online classes” . Is the classical method of teaching now a thing of the past? Trend #5. From cheap to best A final interesting development is the shift of the search term “cheap” to “best”. This trend had already started a bit pre-corona, but the search interest has changed with the corona crisis. Instead of the cheapest, we want the best. According to Google, there is a 60% increase in searches for the “best affordable” items every year. Google Trends best vs cheap. Where do we go from here?

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