Takes Into Account That the World Has

Looking back, I think the pandemic that started in 2020 has been a major catalyst in that. In fact, we had developed a blind spot for this. We believed that there would always be sufficient demand for agencies that would take the work off your hands. The current reality showed otherwise. Every serious player in our focus industry nowadays employed at least 1 FTE, who was responsible for (online) marketing. If we had spotted this trend in time, we could have proactively changed. We could have focused more on coaching customers in building commercial teams. And we could have bet on secondment. Everything was possible. But unfortunately… Campaigns: from launches to integrated campaigns When you evaluate you have to be critical. Now that we have arrived in 2031, I look at everything that has happened from a distance. Perhaps our ‘launch fetish’ has been the biggest problem yet.

Into Account That the World Has

If you shouted the word ‘campaign!’, colleagues were eager to get started. Everyone would come up with a great concept together and launch it with a bang. And that’s how we did it with every campaign. Thinking, launching, optimizing a bit, and finally rocking. When I look back on that now, it was really just tunnel vision. If we had Jamaica B2B List approached campaigns from a more integrated approach and had kept a better balance between short-term and long-term results, customers would have stayed with us. campaign with megaphone Collaboration: from island to ecosystem 10 years ago we were the ‘ to go to guys ‘. When it came to cool online marketing campaigns, you had to knock on the door of our agency. Our knowledge and people, that was our capital. The fact that we were full service helped us to catch ‘big fish’ and score corresponding contracts. ‘Everything under 1 roof’ was our motto: that made customers happy. Until the market started asking for a different mix of specialisms.



Account That the World Has

The demand for transformative power grew. And we didn’t have that ability in our DNA enough. If only we had invested more in collaborations with partners and focused on working from an ecosystem. Instead of holding on to our ivory turret. If only we had invested more in internal entrepreneurship and innovation. Then the flag would have hung completely differently. Business model: from hourly invoice to cryptocurrency The biggest brain teaser of the past 10 years was that most agencies continued to work on the basis of hourly bills. Retainers, point-based pricing, value-based pricing. Below the line you could give the remuneration method a different name, internally we still sent on billable hours. Because that was the only way to manage utilization rate and planning and accepting resources. Now, in 2031, I realize that we should have innovated sooner in our business model.

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