Performance Targeting And Drawing Up

Because you use a cost limit, the average campaign costs will not be higher than you have set yourself beforehand. In addition, the range of adslots on which you bid is larger compared to other bidding strategies, because you also get the low-hanging fruit in ‘lowest-cost bidding’. Keep in mind that the overall costs around the holidays are higher than normal, so set your cost limit a little higher than you usually would. 3. Who is my target audience? Whether you are advertising for the bakery around the corner or for a large multinational, always try to set the target group of your campaign as broad as possible. Previously, Facebook’s algorithm was designed to ensure that the relevance of the target group was in line with the ad quality. Nowadays the rule is: the broader, the better . In this way you give Facebook’s algorithm enough space to collect learnings. These learnings are again necessary for the optimization algorithm to work properly. During the holidays, competition for the slots is fierce.

Targeting And Drawing Up

The faster you gather learnings through a broad target audience, the sooner you can optimize for the best campaign result. In addition, it is very important that there is no overlap of targeted audiences in different ad sets. If this is the case, you are bidding against yourself with your own campaigns. This can lead to higher costs or a Namibia B2B List campaign that does not deliver. If you want to gain insight into any overlap, use the delivery view tool. This tool gives you extensive insight into the percentage overlap between the target groups of the different ad sets. Christmas campaign, social advertising, facebook, advertising, digital, media, 4. Creative growth hacking for optimal performance Targeting and drawing up the right tactics have a major influence on the results of your Christmas campaign.


And Drawing Up

But, creation is also a decisive element. Which visual language do you choose? Do you show people or products? Are you going for an action-oriented and informative message? Or at least transformational: the Christmas feeling and lifestyle. Collect the creative learnings from previous years. What did or did not ensure a high action ratio at the time? Do you not have those learnings or do you want more insight into what works and what does not work for this target group? Then research this, while the campaign is running, on the basis of small-scale creative experiments. In other words, creative growth hacking . It gives you a grip on the Christmas results, and gives you an idea for next year’s strategy. An effective Facebook campaign this December The above 4 points are practical tips to make your campaign that little bit more effective this month.

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