Smart Bidding Testing Framework the Optimal

On average, searches via voice search are therefore a lot longer. Google Assistant already has more than 500 million (!) users . Google Assistant is built into more than 1 billion devices. Today, Google Assistant is already available in 90 countries and more than 30 languages. More than 20% of voice orders now consist of groceries . Voice revenues are expected to reach approximately $40 billion in 2022. More than 55% of teens use voice search on a daily basis. 11.5% of smart speaker owners use it at least once a month to also transact. Google Home is the winner when it comes to accuracy. On average, 81% of searches are now answered correctly. A lot of open questions are asked via voice (‘how’, ‘what’ and ‘where’). Graph on how voice searches have more words than text searches.

Bidding Testing Framework the Optimal

Due to the large amount of data they collect every day, they are both better able to understand the words and context every day and to respond to them in the right way. As more people use it, voice gets better. And as voice gets better, more and more people will start using it. Voice also affects the business model of Google itself. Since Google’s business Uganda B2B List model to this day is still largely based on clicks, with the growth of voice, the company will be able to transform itself more into an umbrella platform that takes orders immediately if someone wants to book a hotel or order a pizza over the phone. . An interesting development that in turn can have a lot of influence on the competitive playing field as we know it today.


Testing Framework the Optimal

Voice Marketing There are great opportunities for advertisers in the field of voice. Amazon and Google clearly have the ambition to build the ultimate assistant that can help you with everything. It is therefore certainly important for advertisers to actively experiment with voice now, so that you are at the forefront of this development and can take advantage of the new opportunities in good time. 3. Video advertising will continue to grow Video advertising will continue to benefit from the shift in budgets from offline to online. An increasing number of advertisers are using video to drive first or subsequent purchases.

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